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Many know the way...very few walk it.








Abigail Simon was born into a bi-coastal family of performing artists, spending time split between NY and LA.  Her father an actor / director and mother an opera singer, creativity, art, and performance flows in her veins.  It's no wonder at age three Abigail began to dance.  At seven, back in NYC, she studied for three years at Ballet Hispanico and at ten, was accepted to the School of American Ballet (SAB), where she studied for ten years.  She danced with American Ballet Theatre's second company (ABT II) for two years and with the main company for another two years. She then joined The Joffrey Ballet in Chicago in 2006, where she stayed for 7 years.  Throughout this time, Abigail traveled the world touring for dance, modeling opportunities with some of the industries biggest dancewear companies, performed on Broadway in NYC, and much more.  


In November of 2012, Abigail invited CREOVISIO to become a part of her journey and develop a stunning web experience and brand package, and as a result, solidify her presence as a leading freelance artist in one of the world's toughest performing arts industries.  



With a newly established brand identity, website, and supporting marketing tools, Abigail has secured numerous contracts across the country with reputable dance companies, modeling appearences in international magazines, and is preparing for international exposure and work with various companies and opportunities in both the dance world and film industry.  And this is just the beginning. 



The vision is simple:  Stand out by establishing a well branded marketing package, and be a step and notch above the competition. Combine that preparation with opportunity, hard work, and patience, and success will follow.



Abigail was getting ready to leave one of the industries most well established brands, The Joffrey Ballet.  With that, like any risk, comes the fear of the unknown. But with a strategy in place, CREOVISIO and Abigail started on a path that has only just begun.


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