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Exceptional Services Honoring Exceptional Women



Welcome to Beauty & the Bottle... B&B is a female focused marketing company that provides exclusive beauty, fashion, hospitality, and wellness opportunities to women, and unique marketing to its sponsors and partners through email, online, and event marketing. From complimentary Champagne and giveaways at monthly events to special offers at various upscale female focused businesses, B&B is for those who truly deserve it!  FOR


WOMEN: B&B is here to provide you with special offers at great businesses, and great events where you can receive complimentary champange, giveaways, entertainment, special offers, and more! Women in groups of four or more are treated to a complimentary bottle of Champagne at our events.  In order to receive the complimentary bottle, guests need to make a reservation at and four women must be present at the event.  Reservations are limited and provided only on a first-come first-serve basis! 


FOR MEN: Yes men, B&B is a female focused service, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the service as well!  One thing to note: A Beauty and the Bottle event means there will be at least 24 reservations of 4 or more women drinking complimentary champagne... that's all we're going to say!


FOR SPONSORS: Beauty and the Bottle serves as a female focused marketing company for our sponsors.  We help advertise our sponsors through a 3 level approach: at our monthly events, in our monthly newsletter, and online.  Contact us if you're interested in becoming a sponsor or to learn more!


FOR VENUES: Beauty and the Bottle only works with the cities nicest venues in order to give our guests an atmosphere that allows them to relax and feel taken care of, and a night to remember!  We bring hundreds of guests and future business to each of the venues we work with, and specialize in customizing each event to work with our guests and venues needs.  Contact us if you think your venue would be a good fit for a Beauty and the Bottle event or to learn more! 


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