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Flatwater is...a classy, sexy, upscale yet relaxed restaurant and lounge located in the heart of down Chicago, among sky scrapers, bridges, and beautiful people, leaving the rest in the dust with its river level location on the north side of the Chicago River. The views are amazing, the food is an eclectic world fusion, and the atmosphere is out of this world for any occasion, on any night.


LJC has been working with the owners of Flatwater since their launch in early 2006, helping with various media, promotional, and marketing services, connecting the client with multiple partners and sponsorships to help them support their marketing needs and to keep their expenses balance and covered.  The company was bought out in 2009 by the Executive Chef, who had a similar yet unique twist on the concept.  It is doing great as a well established venue in the heart of River North in downtown Chicago.



Flatwater had a well designed brand, a beautiful venue, and one of the cities greatest locations for a restaurant and lounge. They contacted CREOVISIO to help lift revenue in a few areas, and we gladly met the challenge.



The question was how can we increase business in the slow periods.  Those being, week day evenings, and weekend brunch. The answer was simple:  highly well branded and marketed events, with great talent and partners.  


Together we established the cities hottest Tuesday night event, generating over $20,000 in revenue most nights, between 10pm and 2am alone, going down in history as one of the cities best summer weekly events ever. Next we focused on brunch, and created, "Bossa Nova Brunch".  A Brazilian spin on the classic brunch, which increased revenue by over 50%, bringing in over $10,000 per weekend.  Together, with internal marketing inititives to keep customers coming back, the restaurnt saw increases 7 days a week, and continues to work with the team at CREOVISIO.










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