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Soul.  Pop.  Rock.  R&B.



In the spring of a small town in central Wisconsin, an dream was born to follow a passion and start an a cappella group. Less than 3 years later, the group was touring the country with national management and agency representation, and soon to be signing with a record label out of Manhattan, New York.  In the heat of it all in the winter of 2004 just after making some member changes to align everyones interests; recording an album with producers and song writers who worked with "The Jackson 5" to "NSYNC", Bill Champlin from the band "CHICAGO" featured on it, piecing together a full band for live shows, tours being set up internationally, a major audition with a very interested major distribution company just weeks away...the band fell into legal conflicts with their record company and within days, the dream disolved.  In their prime, the following press release was featured which does a nice job summarizing their success and career:



"LAST CALL, the hottest vocal band out of the Midwest, has been captivating audiences everywhere.  With soaring, soulful lead vocals; tight harmonies; amazong vocal percussion; and energetic & interactive stage presense; Last Call has great audience appeal.  


The band is enjoying Midwest success, and has been promoting nationally since 2001.  With experiences across the nation consisting of pageants, fairs, festivals, colleges, corporate and private events, talent contests, national showcases, and regional radio, TV, and media exposure.  Last Call is also preparing for a tour in Japan, as well as national college market tours, which will start in the fall of 2003.  


With over 25 originals, more than 75 covers, and over 200 national anthem appearences - singing songs from the Temptations, Otis Redding, and Ben E. King - through Billy Joel, Van Morrison, and Bill Withers - to to modern day hits from Boyz II Men, Shai, NSYNC, and Justin Timberlake.  


There really is no limit to how far this band will go..."



This group, of which he also performed in, was managed by Luke Jensen of LJC (Luke Jense & Co.), which was later rebranded as CREOVISIO. This experience of being in the band and managing a business was what taught Luke a few very important things: Dreams can come true.  Keep your eyes on the stars and more importantly your feet on the ground.  You don't have control, but you always have a choice.  And last, Luke learned his ability to realize dreams using various management skills, and also realized this was his true passion.  To create.

From here Luke went on to Chicago in 2005, and shifted his focus towards applying the experience and skills gained to other talent and businesses, and the rest is now history... 

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