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The Giving Network



SELFLESS is another CREOVISIO baby.  Since SELFLESS began in 2009, we had a vision to create a worldwide culture of SELFLESS Living, and a mission to make that reality – to make giving back feel less like an obligation and more like an organic part of our everyday lives - to make philanthropy easier for the masses.


Today, we are taking that core idea to a new level by meticulously pairing reputable, global causes with hundreds of online and local businesses that believe in offering attractive perks to our members. In doing so, our SELFLESS members can enjoy their everyday lives more while contributing to charities they stand behind.


We are able to offer these benefits to our supporters through a $9 a month donation that goes directly to a Cause of your choice. We believe that in curating both aid organizations and incredible bargains, giving back can develop into more than just a New Year’s resolution, thing to do around the Holidays, or tax write off  – it becomes a SELFLESS Lifestyle for this generation and sets a charitable example for those beyond.


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