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YouSwoop is your daily dealmaker. Each day we offer one incredible deal (called a "Swoop") from a local business – from bars and restaurants to health and beauty hot spots, travel and recreation destinations, and sporting events and concerts. Because YouSwoop doesn’t rely on a minimum group purchase, when a Swoop is announced you must act quickly to get it before it's gone. And for every Swoop you purchase, you'll receive rewards points that can be used to get free Swoops.


In the summer of 2009, Founder Alexander Lurie, approached Luke about being his co-pilot and founder.  Without hesitation, they partnered to build a company that changed the economy and community in Chicago almost overnight.



Since knowing our extensive network base and range of expertise, CREOVISIO was one of the first entities contacted by Founder of, Alexander Lurie.  After paying close attention to our competition and neighbor, Groupon, we knew what we needed to accomplish, and from day 1 the website gained thremendous support from the community.  



We knew a personalized approach was going to make all the difference.  A service that cared about the businesses and consumers by providing exceptional service.  The online service needed to be seen and felt offline.  With great marketing and sales partnerships out the gates, YouSwoop would become a trusted brand and leader for years to come.



At launch, our team lead the creative and marketing efforts, while spearheading the sales division.  Flash forward 4 years, and after bringing in over 30% of the companies revenue, managing the successful launch of two new channels (the products ["SwoopStuff"] and events ["SwoopSocial"] divisions), and securing a strategic partnership with global giant, Leo Burnett, Luke Jensen, Founder of CREOVISIO, was promoted to CEO of YouSwoop.  The company is still moving forward and standing strong with an ever growing brand and community following.  


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